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Get a real-time, 24-hour transportation cost calculation on the website. Visit the delivery cost calculation page. Specify the cargo parameters, the transport route and click the "Calculate" button. The price will be displayed immediately.

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Order registration

Simply fill out the online registration form or call us to get started. Enter your name, email, contact phone number, and price after you have calculated the cost. You will be able to manage your order once you have registered and created your account.


Cargo delivery

As soon as you place an order, we send the vehicle for loading and accept the cargo for transport. During the delivery process, all laws regarding freight forwarding activities, the TIR convention, and the TIR carnet are strictly followed. Our team is constantly in touch with you via chat or phone throughout your transportation. We deliver the goods to the specified location after passing customs procedures.


Delivery payment

Paying for the delivery service in any currency is possible in three ways: - wire transfer to our accounts in: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Great Britain and United States; - via VISA or Mastercard; - cash. For corporate clients special offers!  


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Please fill out this form, and we'll contact you for more information about outsourcing logistics with Shipping Freight Company.

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By working with us, you can receive the best price for delivery under direct contracts with carriers!

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